Latest changes in migration legislation: terms of passport validity, process of work permits correction, new list of potential Employers.

19/02/2016 there has come into force the FMS order, according to which the process of work permits arrangement has undergone several changes (the FMS order # 574 d/d 30.12.2015).

The demand connected with the terms of passport validity of foreign Employees could be regarded as the most important novelty for most of Employers. In accordance with the new order the passport of foreign Employees (including highly qualified specialists) must be valid for at least 1 year since the date of documents submitting to the FMS. Earlier a highly qualified specialist must have had a passport with the terms of validity for at least 3 years since the date of documents submitting in order to arrange a new work permit or to prolong the earlier received one.

Moreover, the order specifies the process of work permit’s correction. First of all, there has been indicated the list of documents which the Employee must submit to the governmental body. An application form, a passport, an original work permit and a document, which is the reason for correction, are among the list. Secondly, the order determines that the work permit with corrected data is printed on a new headed paper and no governmental fee should be paid for the procedure.

Additionally should be mentioned that in accordance with the order the list of Employers who could arrange work permits for foreigners has been expanded: sports and physical organizations have the right to arrange work permits for highly qualified specialists, members of international medical cluster and residents of Vladivostok free port could arrange work permits for foreign citizens (not highly qualified specialists).