The Federal Migration Service reformation

05/04/2016 took place a meeting between Vladimir Putin and executives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Federal Migration Service and the Federal Drug Control Service, where the President informed about the merger of Services (the FMS and the FDCS would be under control of the MIA).

The question about the FMS and the FDCS dissolution or merger has been discussing since the beginning of 2015. We would like to remember that the FMS was the part of the MIA earlier. However, the following subsidiary of the FMS, as well as the Multifunctional centers chain opening caused the overlapping of its activities. As the result, the FMS has been mergerred to minimize the costs.

The President expects that the FMS would function as a self-sufficient structure but in frames of the MIA in future. Taking into consideration this statement and the peculiarities of the FMS different branches activity there exists an opinion that these changes would have the smallest impact on labour migration branches.