Changes in the process of work permit arrangement. Mooving of the former FMS of Russia. New address for arrangement of residence permit and citizenship of Russia. Electronic invitations and problems.

For the present moment, it is still going on the process of the Federal Migration Service reorganization (which has become the part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs). Most changes are not significant; however, we would like to pay your attention to the following ones:

- the new appointments to the leading positions take place;

- the projects of the MIA Orders which determine the new Regulations of documents arrangement (including the documents for foreign citizens) are discussed. The new Regulations are based on the earlier existed documents. Therefore they don’t suppose any significant changes in procedures;

- the state duty for work permit arrangement must be paid via the Employee’s account (earlier there was a possibility to pay it in Sberbank);

- all the documents that contain more than one page must be arranged in accordance with requirements (to have a number, to be bound, stamped and signed);

- the MIA Department (the former FMS of Russia on V. Radischevskaya, 4/1) arranges work permits for highly qualified specialists at the new address Boyarskii pereulok, 4. The documents could be submitted by employees who have the accreditation in some definite Chambers (e.g. the American Chamber of Commerce, the Association of European Business) and have the legal address in Moscow. For the present moment, only the representatives (employees) of the Chambers have the right to submit documents.

Another news is connected with the moving of the MIA Department which arranges temporary residence permits, permanent residence permits and citizenship of Russian Federation for foreigners who are registered in Moscow. Earlier the process of arrangement took place at the Departments in the relevant district of Moscow. Now all the applications could be submitted only at the following address: Voronovskoe, Varshavskoe shosse, 64 km, 1/47. Moreover, Passport and Visa Centre on Novosobodskaya Street (45B Novoslobodskaya Street, Migration Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation) does not accept documents anymore. Therefore, the situation with arrangement of these documents is very challenging.

Also we would like to inform about some difficulties connected with the process of electronic invitation letters arrangement in Moscow. The governmental body arranges either originals of invitation letters or electronic invitation letters as it has been earlier. However, cases of incorrect invitations arrangement have become more frequent. As well there are cases when the foreigners have been denied in visa receiving due to the Consulates don’t have the information in database. Due to the electronic invitations could not be corrected, we recommend to arrange originals of invitation letters for the present moment or to consider the risks.