Migration news

  • It is proposed to oblige foreigners, who do not require a visa to arrive to Russia, to pass fingerprint registration

A compulsory procedure for fingerprint registration may be applied to foreigners, who arrive to Russia according to the procedure which doesn't require obtainment of a visa, i.e., from visa-free countries. It is assumed that such fingerprint procedure will take place directly on the border at border crossing checkpoints for foreigners. The relevant bill was introduced to the State Duma of the Russian Federation for consideration at the beginning of the 2017 year. The author of the bill believes that the introduction of fingerprint registration on the border for visa-free foreign citizens is compulsory due to the fact that the prevailing majority of crimes is made by foreigners from visa-free countries. Such innovations will allow establishment of the identity of such citizens if they make a crime or offense.

Consideration of the bill is currently postponed by the Council of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.


  • The MIA of Russia intends to update forms and procedure for notification of public authorities about employment of foreign citizens in Russia

The MIA of Russia intends to introduce new rules for the preparation of notifications on the performance by employers of obligations to pay salary to highly qualified employees conclusion and termination of the employment  or civil agreement with a foreign citizen, granting a vacation leave without retention of salary for over a calendar month within a year to a foreign citizen studying in the Russian Federation, as well as rules for the preparation and form of a foreign citizen’s motion on his engagement as a qualified employee, etc. The relevant draft order was prepared in March 2017. The necessity to introduce a new regulation was ca used by the elimination of the Federal Migration Service of Russia in 2016 and transfer of its powers to the   Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The text of the order has not been approved yet and is at the stage of final preparation. We would also like to note that this regulation will not bring significant innovations to the notification procedure.


  • The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation intends to provide students studying at the preparatory faculties with an opportunity to work in Russia under a work permit

Currently, the right to work may be exercised by foreign students studying at educational organizations according to the educational program with state accreditation. The term of foreign students’ staying in the territory of the Russian Federation may not exceed the term of studies according to the educational program with state accreditation. The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation proposes extension of temporary staying in Russia till the completion of mastering the additional professional program with no state accreditation, as well as granting a work permit to foreign students studying at the preparatory faculties. Such opportunity is not currently provided for by laws.

The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation has placed the relevant bill on the Federal Portal of draft regulations. The bill allows resolution of the problem of extension of the term of staying of foreign students, who have to interrupt studies according to additional general educational programs due to expiry of the term of studies according to the principal educational program.

The text of the bill has not been approved yet and is at the stage of final preparation.


  • The MIA of Russia proposes introduction of a grade assessment system for foreign citizens to obtain a residence permit without preliminary obtainment of a temporary residence permit

The MIA of Russia wants to simplify the procedure for obtainment of a residence permit for foreign citizens on the ground of the grade assessment system. It is assumed that the grade assessment system will consist of assessment criteria, indicators of the assessment criteria, as well as total number of grades accrued on each indicator, which a foreign citizen will have to get to obtain a residence permit. A residence permit will be granted without obtainment of a temporary residence permit for a foreign citizen, who has got the number of grades, which is equal to or exceeds the total grade necessary to obtain such a residence permit, the amount of which shall be approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. In such case, the “institute” of a residence permit will not be eliminated. It is assumed that a foreign citizen will be able to choose whether to obtain a residence permit according to the new “grade system”, or to obtain a residence permit according to the “usual” procedure with preliminary obtainment of a temporary residence permit.

A foreign citizen will be able to state his willingness to participate in the grade system on the ground of a questionnaire and documents confirming data specified in the questionnaire and filed to the department of migration of the MIA together with a statement on the issue of a residence permit.

The relevant bill has been placed on the Federal Portal of draft regulations. The purpose of this bill is to attract to the country foreigners, who would meet the interests of the economic and demographic policy of the Russian Federation.

The text of the bill has not been approved yet and is at the stage of independent anticorruption examination.