AmCham news: US Embassy in Moscow recommends to hurry up with getting visas

Dear AmCham Members,

Please be advised that the United States Embassy in Moscow is recommending that those requiring visas and planning to travel to the U.S. in the coming months, should apply for their visas as quickly as possible.

In the Embassy's Consular Times newsletter (attached), they advise:

"Every year, thousands of Russian college students descend on the Embassy in the hopes of going to the U.S. for a summer job through the State Department's Summer Work and Travel (SWT) Program. This year, SWT interviews will be conducted in Moscow between March and June. During this time, regular interviews will be significantly reduced. For both business and personal travel, we strongly encourage you to assist your employees and apply for visas sooner than later. Currently, there is a very short wait time, and even travelers who aren't sure about their travel plans, should apply now."

Best Regards,

American Chamber of Commerce in Russia