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Foreign visas

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Foreign visas

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According to the standard international practice visa is issued at the Consulate of the country of destination. YK Consulting will be happy to address your concerns with visa arrangement, which includes:
  • assistance in compilation of all the documents
  • submission in Embassy or Consulate and visa issuing.
  • assistance in interview at Consulate.
  • delivery of documents to the customer.
  • issuing of international insurance policy when required

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that YK Consulting follows international migration legislation and thus does not issue fake invitations from foreign company, letters of employment etc.

We hope you understand that and we strongly recommend you not to address to doubtful companies and private individuals who promise you to obtain visa if foreign passport alone is provided. Remember that all EU-countries, for example, have the common immigration database, which means one visa denial will automatically jeopardize chances to receive other European visas.