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Invitations and migratory registration of foreign citizens

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A business trip to Russia requires the following:
  1. Invitation registered with the Russian Federal Migration Service or the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. Inbound visa issued by the Russian Embassy or Consulate in your resident (or sojourn) country based on the issued invitation.
  3. Upon arrival in Russia a foreign citizen is to be registered with the authorized departments (depending on the trip purpose) of the Federal Migration Service at the place of sojourn. To do that you should address to the inviting organization which is YK Consulting provided you have obtained the invitation through our company.

A foreigner coming to Russia should remember the following:

  • You should obtain an invitation through a company who will afterwards represent your interests in Russia: from registration to visa extension in case of disease, malady, or other objective circumstances preventing from leaving the country in a timely matter.
  • In Russia you come under migration legislation of the Russian Federation which strictly regulates foreign citizens' sojourn. For instance, two administrative violations are a sufficient ground for canceling entry visa and deportation. That is why never disregard registration rules and remember that you should leave Russia before your visa expires.
  • Be careful with all your entry documents. In case if your passport and visa get lost or stolen the procedure of recovery might take a few weeks during which you are not allowed to leave the country.

If you doubt about lawfulness of your operations or have any questions, always consult with your visa company which is YK Consulting provided you have obtained the invitation through us. Otherwise some specifics of the Russian migration legislation and entry regulation can turn to a trouble. For instance, if the Russian visa is placed in the passport you later cancel (even by your country Embassy or Consulate in Russia) to get a new one, the visa is automatically canceled and is no more valid even if you show both passports at a time.