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Consultant work permits department

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Mila Soni
Consultant work permits department

+7 (495) 225 1620

To work in Russia foreign citizens need to obtain a work permit. In addition, companies in most cases are required to obtain permission to hire foreign workers.

YK Consulting experts will provide you with all information required, help to prepare paperwork and fill in required forms.

Also our efficient mechanism of cooperation with state authorities at all stages of the process allows to reduce arranging period.

Any company attracting foreign workforce should remember the following issues:
  • According to the current Russian migration legislation, company who fails to obtain the required permission when using foreign workforce can be seriously fined depending on number of foreign employees without work permits.
  • Illegal employment of foreign workforce might result in suspension of company's activity for as long as 90 days or until the violation is eliminated.
  • Foreign employee who does not have a work permit is to be indispensably deported.