We live in a time when only those who possess information has a competitive advantage.

Make your business secure, manageable and more successful, be on the crest of a wave info!

The service we provide is a unique offer in the Russian market that allows you to monitor a specially designed system that is located, configured and operated on our servers, and you receive news feed and prompt notification of important events in real time regime. In fact, you simply rent a fully situational center and you do not bear any costs for setting up, maintaining and servicing the system. Surely, we can customize the system to answer the needs of your company and place it at your server, should you quest for a certain level of confidentiality.

In addition, because our system is a family of automated systems for online monitoring of a new generation that combines an advanced internet search (based on your own family web robots), it allows to maintain individual profiles with the possibilities of intellectual analytical processing in the automatic mode as well as the identification of significant facts and operational planning of any events.

This service is mostly beneficial and economically efficient for clients’:

  • PR departments - helping to track the information on the company mentioning in all of Mass Media, as well as to neutralize the activity of hostile resources.
  • Analytical departments - allowing to optimize the work of the department, effectively collecting the necessary information for projects that will help to minimize the time for gathering information for desktop research. Results of monitoring and reports are available in real time via web interface.
  • Security services - providing an early warning signs of threats and formation of "information wave", the identification and geo-references of potential intruders, as well as a set of measures for covert surveillance activity of specific sources of threats (individuals or groupings of Internet servers).
  • Top management - by collecting key data in the form of "managers screens". Access to this information is provided via the web-interface protocol https, which allows the prompt set up of "mobile headquarters" when company’s management gets the remote access to the system via secure communication channel.

And remember: be warned - is forearmed!

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